I was recommended to Dr. Ahmed after he worked with my mom to get her out of pain. HE CAME TO THE OFFICE LATE SATURDAY TO SEE ME, He is the only Dr. that has a 24-hour phone line and he cares. My neck was killing me and I had to go to the Phillies game that night. I was amazed with the quick relieve that I had. Now my wife and three kids all see Dr. Ahmed when we are in pain. THANKS AGAIN DR. AHMED.

Paul H. Collegeville, PA

Dr. A, came to the rescue after my trip to North Carolina where we drove straight for ten hours, I did not believe in Chiropractic care, after being pain free for 2 years straight and the stretches that Dr. A gave me I actually got 2 inches taller.

Sarah K. Spring City

I always hated my neck getting cracked, so I always avoided Chiropractors, but when I was'nt able to move my neck for 4 whole days I finally gave up and called Dr. Ahmed. He was gentle, informative and very personable. I now get my neck adjusted NOT cracked.

Lourie N, Phoenixville PA

I did not sign my life away after I saw Dr. Ahmed, I can not go in 4-5 times a week. Thanks Dr. Ahmed I will recommend you to anybody. 2 visits and no pain, you are a miracle Dr. and the massage was great. I will refer my boss who needs some help in his migraines, and then maybe he will be in a better mood :)

Steven Drozda Pottstown

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